Case Studies

Practical Application of Multi-Select Inputs
SaaS, UX, UI, Design Systems, chips, components

A deep dive look at using multi-select inputs in a healthcare SaaS experience.

Data Visualization for Genomics
Healthcare, UX, UI, Design Systems, Visual Design, Startup

Data can be beautiful! Take a look at how something so complex, like genomics, can be transformed into an everyday consumer app.

Reduced Size Touch-Screen User Interfaces
Consumer App, UI, UX, Wi-Fi, sMS, Mobile Device

NETGEAR Nighthawk® M6 is a mobile router designed for Internet on the go.

Setup for Complex Data Configurations
Enterprise, SaaS, uI, Setup Flow

Waterline Data needed a way to allow users to setup our data lake through the UI. This case study walks you through the process.

Data Science Tools for Modern Data Lakes
UX, UI, Data Science, ML, AI, NLP

Take a look at how data science tools can uncover problems and create real business solutions.

Designing a Cloud-Based Over-the-Air Digital Video Recorder
UX, UI, Setup, Onboarding, TV

TiVo helps users cut the cord with its' state-of-the art hardware that allows users to record and stream OTA TV.

SaaS Based Messaging Tools
Messaging, SaaS, B2B, UI, UX

Creating familiar experiences in enterprise tools to help improve usability and communication.

Seated Action Wells in Desktop Products
Workflows, Healthcare, SaaS, B2B, UI, Fitts' Law

Here's an example of using a familiar UX pattern as a metaphor for a contextual workflow used by insurance auditors.

Payment Experience
Payments, Pay Flows, B2C, UI, UX, Apple Pay, GPay

NETGEAR needed a holistic payment solution for their software products.